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Want to get the kids off the screens and doing something active during the week ??

Rebound are launching their After School Escape sessions

These sessions are designed to encourage social interaction and exercise,

Let them hone their skills and tricks and enjoy some healthy fun off the screens and out of the sun, our friendly staff will be there to keep an eye on them, play games and assist where we can.

Sessions will run on available Monday Wednesday and Thursday sessions after school, (check online in case we have a closed event booked)

there is no long term financial commitments, just pick a day or two that suits and bring them along, you can stay and enjoy an awesome rebound coffee and a catchup with some friends, or if your little dynamo’s  are over 12yo  you can head off and get some things done.

Sessions will run from 3pm to 6pm   for just $20   that’s 3 huge hours of gravity defying fun!

Arrive anytime throughout the 3 hour block because we know schools finish at different times.

Book online to check availability and secure your spot today!

“Escape virtual reality for Rebound Reality “