Here at Rebound Arena, we have tried to ensure that all members in our community have the opportunity to experience the joy that a trampoline can bring, the amazing sensation of the bounce and that gravity defying, weightless feeling.

We also realise that for some, these experiences are not easily accessible on a daily basis due to a variety of barriers that are beyond their control.

The simple pleasure and elation of bouncing on a trampoline is instantly present for anyone taking part. But in addition, trampolining has a host of heath and therapy benefits that can improve the wellbeing of pretty much anyone, for example, did you know that trampolines are a valuable therapy tool for children with autism and anyone else with sensory integration disorders?

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Rebound Arena has full disability access and facilities that are designed with safety and accessibility in mind, and we welcome full participation by carers.

Have a look at our website to see all the facilities and attractions that we can offer, we have times available mid week to accommodate groups in a low pressure and controlled environment and we look forward to showing your group a fantastic time at Rebound and hope we can become a regular outing for you.

Rebound Therapy

Trampolining is a unique activity as it allows everyone to participate no matter your ability or skill. Whether you’re jumping as high as you can, or bouncing on your bottom everyone can have fun on a trampoline and seek the same trampoline benefits as each other.

Using a trampoline to exercise is now more commonly known as Rebound Therapy.

Rebound Therapy facilitates exercise for people with special needs. Among the many benefits of rebound therapy are relaxation, exercise tolerance, muscle tone management, increase in coordination. Not only does trampolining get everyone exercising but there is also a social element that benefits everyone, it’s an activity you are able to do with your family and friends together.

Research shows that children with special needs benefit greatly from regular exercise and trampolining in particular provides many additional advantages.

Trampoline Therapy for Children with Autism

This common tool for exercise is growing in popularity in special education programmes around the country. Children with special needs often need a practical approach to tasks in order to focus. Parents, teachers and carers need to be creative when considering new methods of engagement for little ones who need a little extra attention. They love the thrill of rebounding off the mat, skyrocketing into mid-air and we love that they're using up their seemingly endless energy. Here are some of the benefits trampolining can bring an autistic child:

Safety first:

Because of the chance of erratic behaviour, we recommend that all special needs individuals aresupervised at all times. 

Motor skills:

Trampolines are a great way to improve motor skills. This form of exercise provides children with early muscle growth, strengths bones and encourages regular fitness. These skills are especially important for children with special needs. A regular jump regime encourages confidence in children who feel the benefits of fitness. What's more, bouncing around on a trampoline connects the jumper with the outside environment and ensures your child doesn't shy away from physical fitness. Research has shown that children with autism find it difficult to control their actions, but jumping on a trampoline integrates their actions into one simple movement. They're now aware of how their movement impacts their body's surroundings. 

Sensory skills:

Children with autism are prone to feelings of anxiety and can become overwhelmed quickly. A trampoline can be used to relieve some of those hidden feelings and release energy in a positive way.

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