From the beginning, our team have worked hard to design a facility that is fun and functional for everyone in our community, paying close attention to the elements that matter to our customers, parents and carers.

Disability Access

Rebound Arena is a brand new facility and has been carefully designed to ensure we can cater to all members of the community, we offer up to date facilities like a platform lift for disabled access to the mezzanine floor and ramps to access all parts of the arena from the ground floor. We also have harnesses above some of our Olympic Elite trampolines to cater for special needs customers so everyone can experience the joy and wellbeing that comes from jumping on a trampoline, not to mention the well documented health benefits of rebound exercise. – see information –health benefits. also parties and groupsspecial needs.

First Aid Room

We take safety very seriously at Rebound Arena and do our best to prevent injury to anyone, by way of safety rules, industry guidelines, procedures and well trained, diligent staff. However, injuries will occur from time to time in spite of our best efforts and protocols. Rebound Arena maintains a dedicated first aid room to cater for these occasions when privacy is often desired and injury management can take place in a controlled environment. See also, information-safety

CCTV Surveillance

For the safety and security of both our customers and our staff, Rebound has fitted a comprehensive network of state of the art HD cameras to record and monitor all the activities inside and outside of our venue including the car park.


We realise that bathroom cleanliness and sanitary toilets are a pretty big deal for everyone when it comes to a public facility, so we have installed the latest features into our toilets to promote a clean and sanitary environment, along with a regular cleaning regime to ensure they will pass any inspection. Automatic lighting, hand sanitiser and paperless air blade hand dryers. Floor to ceiling tiling and environmentally friendly equipment. We also have a separate disability toilet with easy access.

Party Rooms

Birthday parties are a big part of Rebound and we have 3 x air conditioned party rooms that cater for up to 22 people in each, with a concertina door between the two rooms on the mezzanine that can open up to a huge function room for those extra large gatherings or corporate and school functions. See also Parties and Groups

Secure Lockers

Our lockers employ Pin number technology so there are no keys to worry about or combinations to remember. They can be engaged in time blocks with good old fashioned coins. Keep all your valuables safe and sound for just $2.00 while you engage in some aerial madness.





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